Recon+ will help decrease your time to market, and point out any bottlenecks by measuring your process every step of the way. You won't be needing any more spreadsheets or manual repair orders!
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Reclaim your profit margin
Recon+ allows you to calculate, real time, what you spend in reconditioning. We give you full transparency by allowing you to sort by vehicle year, make, and/or model. You are also able to calculate hypothetical holding costs, giving you a full scope on where money is falling through the cracks.
Full transparency
Recon+ will send you a text alert when it’s your turn in the process to act. The platform even gives you the ability to approve a work order right from your mobile device. With complete transparency, you're able to accelerate the reconditioning process for a quicker turnaround.
Increase your inventory turns
We integrate with your DMS or inventory management system so that there is no manual input-tation or duplication. This completely streamlines and consolidates your inventory management, and gives you more time in the day to redirect your energy to other important tasks on your to-do list.